Salma Attah Foundation

About Us

A Safe Atmosphere That Fosters Pragmatic Awareness

Salma Attah foundation for women and girls Support is a safe space that creates realistic awareness around inclusivity, gender based violence prevention while providing support, referral and guidance to survivors of all forms of violence and provide them with an environment / digital safe space to heal and share their stories to inspire others.

What We Do

Breaking The Silence Surrounding Sexual Violence

SARC Intervention

SARC works with survivors, their friends, and their loved ones to promote healing, empowerment, and a better understanding of how trauma affects people.


Survivor Support

Providing a free support and counseling service for survivors under the age of 18 who have been raped, sexually assaulted and/or sexually abused. 


Non-judgmental Guidance

Providing guidance to survivors non-judgmentally, with the use of Art; therapeutic spoken word and poems, songs, painting, real life experiences, according to the needs of a survivor.

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Our mission is to eliminate all barriers holding women back, promote gender justice and challenge women’s rights violations / discrimination, and eradicate poverty by working with women living in poverty and empower them with skills to be self sufficient.

End Period Poverty

We are creating a world where no one is held back because of their gender or because of their menstruation

Together, We Can Shatter The Silence

Dear survivor, this here is your diary, your journal, your voice , where you are free to pour it all out; the feeling, the grief, the anger, the pain, the darkness, the light all of it for yourself and for others.